Video PPC Marketing For Lawyers

We use PPC strategies, creative video, and content marketing techniques to improve conversion rates and generate big returns for our clients.


We make your job EASY so you can focus on what you do best. By the time leads pick up the phone to call you, they are already sold on working with you. They know what to expect.

Social engagement with video outperforms every other type of digital content

in addition, the extensibility of video allows for diverse use across multiple platforms.

The key ingredient to building a successful practice is trust. Too many lawyers use the same old approach. Their resume speaks to the areas of law they cover, and then they use past results as a reference to assure new clients. Our approach adopts a content marketing model; using video and legal expertise to build trust and authority. We work directly with you to generate creative content, only you could’ve produced. Then we fine tune your deployment strategy, to convey quality and increase social engagement. It’s search optimized influencer marketing meets paid search and PPC.

High quality video that conveys authority.

We know the value of a good first impression. Our video productions are guaranteed to be smooth sequences that bring clarity to the value of your services.

Testimonials that reflect depth and character.

Video testimonials give you an edge a simple star review alone can’t deliver. We tick all the boxes, providing you with rich photo and video to support their endorsement.

Marketing that makes you money now, and later.

Our balanced approach to digital marketing cultivates long term profitability through organic search, while enabling you to enjoy returns through paid search advertising.

An intellectual property firm was exploring ways to introduce video SEO to their marketing plan. We brought their love of wine & trademarks to life.

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    Stand out from the crowd and get more clients!

    Excellent depth of knowledge, they demonstrate the unique ability to bring a high level of energy and expertise in all that they do. Their work is first class.

    Betty T — NYC Trademark Attorney
    I say this "hands down," they are super professional, they make time for you to advise you of their strategic plan for your business & help you set future goals.
    Graciela F — CEO of Interpreting Solutions
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    Attorney Advantage is a digital marketing agency that develops PPC advertising campaigns and content marketing campaigns for lawyers that build trust, credibility, and nurture customer relationships.

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