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Our search engine marketing plans combines the best approaches for SEO and PPC on your website. This way, you can get immediate results from paid search, while building your digital footprint on organic search.

Search Marketing Process

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Keyword Research

Keyword research is a fundamental first step to the development of an effective SEO marketing plan. Your keyword profile represents the foundation of your searchable content. There are over 75,000 searches happening on Google every second and 75% of searchers never go past the 1st page of search results. That puts a lot of pressure on businesses to ensure that they’re using the right keywords to be found, especially if they’re paying for it. Our keyword research assesses every opportunity to capitalize on established sales funnels, or create new ones.

Content Development

Implementing a content development plan in addition to your lead generation campaign, is not only recommended, it’s a game changer. Good content increases social mentions and shares. It increases backlinks from authoritative sources. It increases overall search relevance. It increases brand awareness and authority. In this context, content marketing acts like a multiplier that can double or triple your overall sales when it symmetrically aligns with the concerns of your target audience. However, content marketing is a long-term approach that requires an ongoing commitment that can span a few months, to a couple of years. However, the resulting organic search footprint can we worth hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of traffic.

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Link Building & Outreach

Backlinks and outreach are at the core of off-page SEO. Indirect ranking factors such as social media mentions, shares, likes, and off-site brand mentions, all play a role in your off-page SEO profile. But the number one factor that makes a key difference to your organic rankings, is the number of other websites linking to or mentioning your frim. Especially, authoritative sources. This key metric is an incredibly important factor that Google uses to decide where your content will appear in search. We help you produce and improve shareable content, generate links, boost influencer outreach, and develop methods of building engagement across high traffic platforms.

Paid Search Campaign

A Paid Search Marketing Campaign puts your company at the forefront on some of the biggest digital platforms in the world. After we pour our efforts into crafting the right message to communicate to your audience, we get on the bullhorn. Google Ads and Facebook for Business are prime targets for this, because their available audience is massive. Also, they both have segmentation tools that allow us to get very specific with our targeting. Demographics, locale, time of day, income, gender, interests, education level, and more, all become metrics that can qualify or disqualify a potential lead.

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Who We Are

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