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Get a marketing campaign that produces immediate results and consistent traffic. Our proven PPC advertising process hinges on publishing high quality content that builds confidence in your target audience. This in turn increases your conversion rate and overall sales.

PPC Advertising Process

ppc strategy for law firms

PPC Ad Strategy

The effectiveness of a paid search campaign comes down to the accuracy of the keywords, ad copy, and landing page design. To achieve the best results, the optimization of these three components are essential. We capitalize on all three components by developing entertaining and informative content on core topics that touch every point of your sales funnel. As a result, as your campaign matures, your buyer journeys become friction-less. Your sales funnels will be positioned to convert all leads making serious inquiries into their options, as well as those who are ready to buy.

PPC Keywords

Keywords are the glue between your objectives and the people you want to reach. They are the key building blocks of your audience’s search queries. So, we put a considerable amount of effort into aligning your strengths with keywords your customers care about. Our marketing plans maximize your position among your most qualified leads. We build content around what makes you unique, then showcase why this makes your solutions the best fit for their problems. Our ability to build rapport through content, while providing you with the best passport to reach your target audience, is what makes Attorney Advantage special.

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PPC Ad Copy & Video

In a 1996 essay, Bill Gates postulated that the future successes of the internet would be similar to broadcasting. The trailblazers who had the best content would make the most money. Content is king. This truth also rings true in marketing. Interruption marketing annoys people. Like pop-ups. We avoid it. We ignore it. And generally speaking, nobody enjoys the experience of being “sold” something they aren’t looking for. When it comes to search, your opportunity lies in providing a great answer to a question, while efficiently communicating your value. This makes the act of buying a natural and desirable outcome. Together, we identify customer concerns and develop creative content that drives your leads closer to the sale.

PPC Landing Pages

When it comes to your landing page, the ability to find useful information quickly should be your top concern. Consumers are more likely to engage with ads and content that meet their need at a specific point in the sales funnel. But, the experience needs to be seamless. When your content is properly aligned with their search intent, your sales numbers will improve. We structure your landing pages in a way that efficiently communicates your value, while directing your users to take the next natural step in the buying process. This allows you to maximize clicks, increase conversions, and lower your customer acquisition costs over time.

ppc landing pages for law firms

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